Our podcast is growing and we are looking at expanding. As we are a small team it does mean you have more control and also more responsibilities, roles are less clearly defined. We are offering some short-term internships starting in May 2019 in the following areas;

  • Graphic design - promotional videos/images, social media templates etc.

  • Artist booking - we have an extensive network of contacts in the industry so far and are looking at widening that net. You will need to be friendly, approachable and have a good idea of how/who to contact to get through tough gatekeepers.

  • Social media and marketing - each episodes of the podcast requires promo images, videos and teaser trailers, as well as using social media to reach out to potential guests and sponsors.

  • Sponsorship and advertising - we are continually working with sponsors and advertisers to further the podcast. You would need to know how to manage these accounts and discover new potential partners.

We may need 4 separate people for these roles, but it’s entirely possible that one person can take on these tasks. We are looking for people that already have skills and/or experience in these areas as we are already up and running so need a very short on-ramp period.

This is initially an unpaid part-time internship with extremely flexible working hours, working remotely. Depending on the impact of the intern this may evolve into a paid role.

If you think you may be suitable please fill in the form below. We don’t require a CV to begin with, but please give us some information about why you think you are suitable and what you think you have to offer. We’re more interested in who you are rather than what qualifications you have.

- Josh.


Our Studio

Audio Works
St James Road, Northampton, NN5 5HS

We record most of our podcast at Audio Works but occasionally travel to our guests with our portable recording setup. You may be required to travel too.


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