#136 Laura Graham


This week I speak to the tremendous Laura Graham.

I really enjoy talking to Laura, we have a few of the same struggles which is always good to hear, it’s nice to know you’re not the only one without clear direction in some areas.

I always come away from our chats with more insight. Laura is clearly on a journey with several of her projects in their early stages, but that makes it more interesting as an outsider and I’d imagine more exciting as an entrepreneur.

I regularly forget how valuable it is to talk to people about their problems, I often learn so much about mine in the process which is counter-intuitive. I am guilty of retreating inwards in times of stress, it has served me well in the past, but I don’t believe it can work forever, at the least sharing the problem can speed up the resolution.

Laura is a very open person, as you can see from her blog It’s Character Building, she’s open about her victories as well as her problems, which is something I can learn from personally.

Laura has made massive impact in the short time she has taken this new direction and I think the future is very bright for her. More power Laura.

- Josh.

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