#135 AudioStage


This week I spoke to Dan Grannum and Marcus Still from AudioStage.

The guys are creating a live session, interview and podcast across numerous platforms. They have high quality artists, footage and interviews. It’s a fantastic platform and they’ve done an amazing job. It’s such a time consuming venture, I mentioned in the episode how I felt video for this podcast wasn’t particularly beneficial, but for a live band it adds so much.

The first season has shown how professional the boys are, they are both musicians and have expertise videography and audio production so they make a formidable team. It was also nice to hear they have opinions, genuine opinions. It’s easy for people to sit on the fence, and it’s amazing hw neutral people can be when sitting in-front of a mic, but i't’s refreshing to hear these guys know what they like and what they don’t.

They’ve clearly learnt a lot in the short period they’ve been producing the videos. It’s good to see people aware of their mistakes and learning from them. I’ve been guilty in the past of refusing to own my mistakes, which inevitably leads to a downward spiral. Speaking to Dan and Marcus gave me a quick reminder to analyse my mistakes and move forward.

I really hope they keep this project moving, as it’s a big time investment they’ve got a challenge ahead of them, but if they can keep this level or productivity and production going, it’s definitely heading in the right direction.

- Josh.

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