#133 Sophie Galpin


It’s Christmas time again which means I have the opportunity to catch up with the tremendous Sophie Galpin! Sophie and I sat down at the studio a few hours before Let Me Be Yule Fantasy VII.

Sophie has had a busy year, and it’s always nice to see. I’m terrible for needing several reminders to make a change in my life, and Sophie is one of those (positive) reminders. Our tradition of meeting up each Christmas is a great way for us to reflect (both on air and off) about what we’ve done and what has happened. I’ve said it many times on the podcast before that reflection is useful but often forgotten s a tool for life direction. It’s easy to never do it, or to wallow in the past, but using past victories and failures to change your future course is a powerful ability, and that’s what learning an instrument is in it’s simplest form.

I’d argue that’s why Sophie has both been able to learn several instruments and have a successful music career. Likewise, as has been mentioned by other musicians, your personality and attitude is as an important factor as your music ability, and Sophie is blessed with an ace personality.

You can find Sophie popping up on TV, radio and on several albums over the past year, but if you follow her on Twitter you can see what she’s doing day-to-day.

p.s. I’ll be starting the Galpin fan club soon, you can be a Galpinator too. (undecided on the name, maybe Galp-Pack?

- Josh.

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