Episode #132 Frances Lee


My conversation with Frances took several detours, all of which where enlightening and inspirational.

I initially wanted to talk to Frances about her art career. It was only when we discussed the route into her creativity that I discovered her experiences with mental health. I am regularly amazed by peoples openness and willingness to talk about intimate and revealing things, this is something I should learn to do myself. I have a tendency to keep quite and continue working.

The ability to discuss your thoughts and feelings is such a powerful and simple thing to do. The vocalising or at least construction of a concept that exists in your head into a fully formed sentence with a beginning middle and end is a useful tool in itself. I’ve lost count the amount of times I’ve said something out loud that had been rattling around my head for weeks and only in turning a concept into reality did it become clear it was either a) something I should act on, or b) complete shite.

Frances’ ability to discuss and analyse her own mental health is fascinating. As someone that has experienced extremes in life her insight is invaluable and I/we are so lucky that we have this conversation to learn from. I’m eternally grateful to Frances, I mentioned to her that she should start her own podcast, so if you could all pester her to do that we’ll have a show in no time!

Thanks Frances,

- Josh.

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Frances Lee

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