Episode #130 Katie Malcolmson


#130 Katie Malcolmson.

I really enjoyed speaking to Katie. I’ve heard a lot about her over the years, her reputation as a good person and musician preceded her and our conversation only proved that further.

Katie is in a great position, (of her own creation), by being both a musician, someone that has been at the mercy of the industry and someone that has gone on to start her own business in that very industry.

One problem I notice with some industries or businesses is that the people higher up the chain, the people that make or break careers have often not been in that position themselves. The understanding and empathy you have and gain from helping people in a position you were once in is invaluable. Sometimes you can’t give people what they want, but at least with experience on your side you can point people in the right direction, and more importantly not abuse that power.

Katie’s knowledge and experience in music and life are clear after our conversation. Katie is clearly someone that has worked hard, has had career highs and I imagine lows too. What really struck me during our conversation is her modesty, and that comes through experience. I have no doubt her eagerly awaited album will be impressive as will her business.

Once again I’ve come away from a conversation (with someone I didn’t really know) more positive than I entered it. I’d argue Katie is a product of Northampton and the family/people/musicians within it. This is what inspires me, this gives me hope about the future of the town and the music industry writ large.

More power Katie, more power NN.

- Josh

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