Episode #129 Paul Cheesbrough

#129 Paul Cheesbrough


I had a fascinating chat with Paul. I initially got Paul in to chat about his 100KM row challenge as i’m always curious to see peoples motivations and methods for taking on and (hopefully) completing these types of tasks and I hope I can borrow some of that focus and determination into my life.

We all falter from time to time and some of us have no direction at all, I have both of those circumstances in my life, some things have a clear path and some don’t. It can be hard to motivate yourself so any extra help or tips from someone undertaking a difficult challenge can be useful.

Pauls attitude toward this challenge, in fact something he mentions early on in this episode is that he doesn’t think it’s crazy at all. Perhaps that is the trick, to believe that it isn’t impossible, that it’s within reach. Through training, application and some knowledge big challenges are within reach.

That’s what I’ve taken away from this episode. Paul has shown me that I should take a less cynical approach and that maybe I should push myself further.

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