Episode #128 Bronte Huskinson

I really enjoyed talking to Bronte. I think the way she has approached her writing career is fascinating. She knows what her end goal is, (a publishing deal) and she has figured out a new and effective way to stack the odds in her favour. I would imagine the offering of a ready made audience makes the deal so sweet to a publisher that Bronte has an edge on the average writer, and any edge in a fierce market is beneficial.

Bronte clearly had an idea what she wanted to do from a young age and has followed a creative suitable path to get to that goal. It’s great to meet someone with clear goals, many of us struggle working out what we want to do and how we can get there, seeing someone succeeding is a positive reminder of what is possible.

Growing up in a household with a writer, in my opinion, would have had an effect on Bronte’s outlook, either consciously or unconsciously. My dad, brother and uncle are musicians and I’m sure those positive role models have pointed my career in musical directions, not that I was aware of it. I imagine as a parent that any positive influence you can have is welcomed.

We all need a positive nudge from time to time, something to make us correct our course and aim for the right target, Bronte was my positive reminder.

- Josh.

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