Episode #127 Jay Brook

Jay Brook - Musician, Singer, Writer, Graphic Designer/Animator.

LISTEN HERE - http://bit.ly/127-jay-brook

I've known Jay for almost 15 years, and while we haven't been close friends we have been bouncing around the same social circles. Throughout these years I've noticed several things about Jay. Firstly, he's a great musician, this is evident from his latest project 'Ginger Snaps'. Snaps are powerful, punchy, energetic with super-memorable melodies throughout which has gained them success nationally and internationally (which Jay is too modest to agree with).

Secondly, he is honest. When we first met I'd argue we were both not sure of our place in the world and as Jay discusses in this podcast he spent a lot of time trying to be someone (as did I and arguably continue to do). One of my strengths, if you'll allow me to toot my own horn for a while, is my ability to analyse my emotions and actions. Whatever emotions I'm feeling and whatever my reaction I have, I am able to remain calm and think about why I feel this way and what I should do to resolve it. Jay appears to also do this and he has found some clarity (of which I haven't) in recent years.

Finally, being present is a problem of mine, I am constantly not focused because I am thinking about the next thing to do. Jay is good at this and continues to work on it. I'm going to try to do this more often, just one of the things I've learnt from this conversation, and also to have more conversations.

Cheers Jay, good talking.

- Josh.

Special thanks to Will Beckett for podcast editorial and production support.

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